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Green energy and reducing our carbon footprint

For some years now, Hotel Bristol has been committed to finding ways to reduce energy consumption and be more environmentally friendly. In March 2012 we commenced the installation of a major green energy project which is now successfully completed.In the Summer of 2011 one of our gas boilers became unserviceable and we looked to alternative sources to provide heating & hot water. At the same time we heard about a way of converting the waste food we produce into a fuel that could be burned in a biomass boiler.

It was clear that the food waste alone would not provide enough fuel for the energy demand we have so it was decided that we would co-fuel the biomass boiler with wood pellets.

Now  the Bionova digester converts our food waste into fuel with no issues of smell or smoke! Our 195kw biomass burner is connected to our existing systems and we also run pipes to our swimming pool so that any extra energy produced can be used to heat the pool water.

We never like to rest on our laurels and there are more improvements we hope to make.Nevertheless, we are proud to be one of a growing number of eco-friendly hotels in Cornwall making a genuine commitment to green values. We continue to recycle as much as possible including batteries, paper, cardboard and glass. Our on-site laundry is used as efficiently as possible.The team at Hotel Bristol continue to look for ways of improving and strengthening our ethical commitments and responsibilities.

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