Breaks in Cornwall for Less: How to Save Money on your Next Holiday

Ever wondered how to spend less on your holidays yet still enjoy life to the full? There is a definite knowhow when it comes to saving money, regardless of your budget and the type of break you want. We’re well aware that many families and couples have to be careful with their funds these days. So with that in mind, here are a handy selection of travel tips help you get the best value on holidays in Cornwall (or anywhere for that matter!) in 2017 and beyond. 

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Go direct and lose the booking fee

Although many holidaymakers are convinced that the big booking sites offer the best deals, the reality is often different. Quite often, they are simply skimming off extra profit, costing both the customer and the hotel more in the process. Nor will you always see the cheapest tarriffs and current deals by going through a third party.

To get the best price going, it is very often best to go direct to the hotel, rather than, Trip Advisor or another source. Many hotels will give you better rates and seasonal offers to reward visitors who miss out the middle man. Not only does this save you money, but also helps the hotel to stay profitable and keep their rates down. Family run venues can lose as much as 15-20% per booking with the usual online suspects!

Plan ahead for early bird deals & discounts

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Another of the best ways of booking cheaper holidays is to plan carefully. Ok, so it might not be as wild and spontaneous as a last-minute getaway. But hotels like to fill vacancies early and actively reward customers who book and pay well in advance. This can apply even for those peak times such as Easter and Summer Holidays when Cornwall and other destinations are super busy!

Our advance saver offer, for example, provides a 10% discount for those able to book and pay their balance early! We even offer this discount at peak season times; although you would be wise to book early for periods when hotel rooms go quickly.

Try the old-fashioned approach

How on earth did we manage to book holidays before the advent of mobiles, tablets and laptops? The obvious answer is that we picked up the phone and spoke to each other. It is still a perfectly valid way to book today too, and can have a few distinct advantages. In fact, many hotels like to hear from you this way because it lets us deal with the guest as a human being, not an email or a reference number.

You can tell a lot about a hotel from reception staff. They can often answer all those questions a computer cannot and may be able recommend offers and ways to save money that you weren’t aware of. So yes, sometimes the old-fashioned way is still the best way.

Make the most of free and low cost holiday activities

The best things in life are free, or so the saying goes. Ok, so perhaps not all holiday activities and attractions are on the house, but it’s definitely true that there are plenty of cheaper ways to have fun at great value. In this respect, those who plan ahead and do their homework will often find ways to save money, whether that means getting an internet booking discount for the best attractions, tracking down special promotions, or simply finding cheaper ways to have fun. Our previous blog post on Free and Low Cost Family Activities is well worth a read on this subject.

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Avoid hopping from place to place

it can be a lot of fun going on a road trip, staying here and there and taking in as much as possible. It can also be more expensive, however, as you have to juggle different destinations and accommodation providers. Why not find somewhere with plenty to see and do and use this as your base, rather than moving on all the time?

 You will find a lot of Cornish hotels are prepared to provide special deals for those who stay for consecutive nights (such as our own Newquay Leisure Breaks offer) . Nor is it just the hotel that benefits from this arrangement. There is a lot to be said for getting to know a place in your own time, rather than skimming over the main tourist sites and moving on. After all, a lot of the most precious holiday experiences are the quieter places and little secrets you find for yourself. Why not stay a while longer in one place and save money in the process?

Grab seasonal offers where you can

Image titleWhen is the cheapest time to go on holiday? Cornwall is at its quietest in the winter, early spring and autumn. It’s no secret that these are the times when hotels really appreciate your booking. Hence it follows that you will often find special discounted hotel rooms and the lowest rates during these off peak times.

Of course, these deals are best of all for couples without kids, since those with young ones will be limited by term times. That said, there is nothing to say that you must have your family breaks slap bang in the middle of the summer holidays. Half term breaks in Cornwall can be another great option to look at to save money on that family trip, as are autumn and winter escapes.

Reap the rewards of loyalty

Another handy way of saving money on your holidays is to make the most of loyalty schemes. Do always check if your chosen hotel offers such a scheme, because you could be in line for a discount on repeat bookings. If you have a particular favourite place to visit, this can be especially worthwhile. As part of a larger family of independently-owned and run hotels, for example, we are able to offer Best Western Rewards to all members. Click here for further details.

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