Wedding Trends for 2015

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As we prepare to host the Newquay and Cornwall Wedding Fair 2015, it seems a fitting time to reflect on just how far Hotel Bristol has come. When the venue opened for business in 1927, things were vastly different to today’s scene. The wedding industry as we know it hardly existed. It was only three years earlier in 1924 that the first bridal registry was set up, while only wealthy couples of the time could have afforded a celebration anywhere near the standard of a typical wedding reception you might find today.

So have we never had it so good? You could certainly argue that in terms of service and sheer choice of styles, modern couples can count themselves lucky. That said, the early 21st Century could also be said to be a time of uncertainty and a break with convention. So what trends define the current wedding scene specifically?

Photography: Trends come and go in wedding photography, from retro chic to heavily stylised images and themed weddings and wedding shoots. However, current leanings are towards more natural stylings and less harsh contrasts. Perhaps couples feel less inclined to declare their love in Hollywood style or go with overtly striking choices that could date badly.

At least these days a wedding photographer is affordable to all. When the Hotel Bristol opened in the 1920s it would have cost an absolute fortune. Natural and intimate are today’s aims, in contrast to the austere or staged shots of past eras. In Newquay, beach pictures of brides and grooms epitomise this informal feel. Another interesting trend is the tendency of modern couples to go for an "engagement shoot" as well as the big day itself. Certainly handy for those wedding invitations and some photographers offer this as part of the deal.

Wedding Day Food: Once upon a time, wedding food was about formal dining and tradition. Nowadays however, British weddings tend to represent wider cultural influences, with some staples now increasingly regarded as old hat. Perhaps there is no more obvious example of this than the classic wedding cake. Where once the standard was something with two inch thick icing and traditional decoration, the “naked” or “semi-naked” wedding cake is hugely popular and less sugary, often decorated with seasonal fruit or fresh flowers instead of that mountain of icing.

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Year Round Weddings: When is the right time to have a wedding? The answer depends on the happy couple these days, but it’s probably fair to say that the traditional calendar has gone out of the window. A spring or summer wedding will still appeal to many, but the growth of winter and weekday celebrations is a huge current phenomenon.

Why would anyone want to get hitched when there is frost on the ground? The most obvious answer is cost. Many hotels, including the Bristol, can offer the same excellent service for a lower price in the off peak season. Not that these slightly cooler celebrations are less special, you understand. In fact they can be great fun; the stylistic possibilities are fantastic and they can make a refreshing change from the traditional summer reception.

Flowers and Fashion: Nothing dates a wedding album more quickly than very heavily styled affair. We have probably seen it all here at the Hotel Bristol over the years, from understated to lavish. Again, it is your call but current trends are certainly giving a nod to the simple elegance of tradition once again.

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Wedding bouquets are a point in case. Kate Middleton might have something to do with it, but in place of bold or contrasting colours, clean white, cream and pastel shades are bouncing back again. Perhaps a little more subtlety speaks volumes these days?

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Ultimately the tastes and preferences of the couple are more important than any current trends in the wedding scene. This is why we are committed to listening carefully and treating every event as a one off. To see what we can offer, why not come and speak to our friendly, experienced staff at the Newquay and Cornwall Wedding Fair 2015?

Further details and a free weddings brochure can also be found in the dedicated weddings section of our site.



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