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VAT change from 20% to 5%


As a family we have always quoted prices on our tariff showing Vat @ xx%. In these modern times with dynamic pricing we have stopped printing and publishing an annual tariff. The Chancellor has answered the call from the Hospitality industry to provide assistance. He has reduced the VAT on rooms, meals and non-alcoholic drinks from 20% to 5%.

For any booking made prior to 1:30pm on the day of the Chancellors announcement for accommodation from 15th July until 12th January 2021 will we adjust the room rate in FULL. The credit will be allocated to guests' accounts to use for meals and drinks in the Hotel.  Moving forward we will reflect the change in our online prices and reduce the seaview & executive room supplements.

We have already adjusted menu prices in the light of the VAT change. Soft drinks prices will be adjusted from 15th.

We still need bookings for this VAT change to benefit the public and help the hotel industry. We have made a great many adjustments here to keep guests and staff safe. This year please book a UK holiday at the Hotel Bristol.

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